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Hand-Stitched Kendo Bogu Set KORIN

Hand-Stitched Kendo Bogu Set "KORIN"

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KORIN, the pinnacle of craftsmanship!

Mengane is IBB Pro which is light-weight titanium featuring durability, superior balance and shock absorption.

Futon of men is made of high-quality cotton, including "Kodai Mosen", all hand-stitched by french seam method, also known as Fukuronui in Japanese. In this way Futon comes in neat and fine design and becomes lighter because after stitched both outside and inside out, to look like a pocket, only adjusted amount of material is stuffed. In normal sewing method good amount of material is laid between fabrics and lastly trim it where excess stuffing could happen. Inside of Futon a compound of selected Japanese felt and cotton is padded. Also premium level of indigo-dyed deerskin is attached onto Futon.

Chin guard is available for six different designs.

Do consists of 60 pieces of genuine beautiful bamboo and is lacquered with traditional Japanese Urushi to bring long-lasting gloss. Urushi has been loved from long time ago because of its antibacterial property and tasteful fine luster. Varnished black-colored Urushi on frontal and natural Urushi on inside. Six different designs are available for Mune.

Knuckle of Kote is premium level of indigo-dyed deerskin, same as the rest leather parts. And genuine deer's fur is stuffed in it which also makes this Bogu special. And unlike usual bogus the palm of Kote is white as you can see in the photo. This is not because it is bleached but it is original color of deerskin that remains so when not smoked. And it is seen only in the best rank of Bogu. A selected compound of Japanese felt including "Kodai Mosen" and cotton, are padded inside of Kote.

Tare is also natural indigo dyed with stitch of 3.6mm in width and trimmed beautifully by our expert craftsmen. Premium quality deerskin is attached, and 7-line of silk brades decorated. Futon is made using "Kodai Mosen".
"Mosen" is scarlet felt, made from animal hair, usually from sheep, goat, and it is traditionally used by nomadic people in Mongolia.The fabric of several decades passed, genuine Mosen, called "Kodai Mosen" is light weight, elastic, soft and durable. But it is now difficult to obtain because it is limited in supply.

Kendo Bogu that contains genuine "Kodai Mosen" is elastic, shock-absorbing, durable, and comfortable. Standard felt Mosen is nothing compared to the genuine " Kodai Mosen ".

All of the Futon used in "Korin" is made using genuine "Kodai Mosen".

Tenugui Towel, Men Himo/Do Himo included.
Proudly assembled in Kyoto, Japan. Please allow approximately 6 months for the production.


Top 5 Reason for you to choose Tozando Kyoto Series Bogu

1. Hide for Menbuchi

Because we consider "Menbuchi-tying" is very important, we choose the finest hide and make it all by hand by the master craftsman. Being able to choose the appropriate hide has the big influence on making the well-balanced, aesthetic Kendo Men.

2. Handmade Uchiwa

Many Kendo masters say that, if the Men is appropriately assembled by the master craftsman, Men himo cord is unnecessary to put the Men on. That's why Uchiwa ring of Tozando's Kyoto series Kendo Bogu is all handmade by the master craftsman only.

3. Monomi Adjustment

We attach the Uchiwa ring and Mengane according to each order unlike the norm that the premade Men is adjusted according to the given information. The view through the Mengane metals, so-called Monomi, will affect your posture and performance.

4. Special Tie Cord for Menbuchi hide

Tying the Mebuchi on Men is crucial. And Tozando uses the special, extra-strong cord to make it perfect.

5. Japan Urushi Lacquer

No artificial lacquer is used. The true, natural Japan Urushi lacquer is richer and deeper in the Japan black. Tozando is daringly using the Japan Urushi of Kyoto's origin.

Tagara Hakuzan and his pupils
All Kendo Bogu from Kyoto Tozando Series are assembled in Kyoto, Japan by the master of Bogu-crafting, Mr Tahara Hakuzan and his pupils and he is in charge of instructing other ambitious craftsman rigorously as well as making his masterpiece quality Kendo Bogu by himself.

In order for us to keep the price as low as possible and the quality as high as possible, each small part is made at a joint management factory in we are exclusively contracting with and the periodical quality inspection and the technical guidance are frequently being performed. Mr Tahara himself often visits the factory to hand down his mastery of Bogu making skills and sometimes invites the staffs in Japan for the training camp. And these parts are assembled in the heart of Kyoto tradition, Nishijin, by Mr Tahara Hakuzan and his pupils and of course each final Bogu is carefully inspected by his own eyes as tehe master craftsman.

If you are looking for a high grade Kendo products such as Kendo Bogu assembled by the master, why would you not choose the Tozando's Kyoto series hand-stitched Bogu set.

Tahara Hakuzan Tahara "Hakuzan" Hirofumi

Born on the 13rd of June, 1955 in Miyazaki prefecture of the Kyushu island, Tahara Hirofumi entered the world of Kendo Bogu making at the age of 18. After serving several years of apprenticeship, he joined two Bogu companies as a full time Bogu craftsman. Because of his outstanding works and dedication, he became the chief of both factories.

At the age of 30, he became an independent craftsman and moved to Iwate prefecture then opened his small Bogu workshop. During this period in Iwate, he constantly made sets of excellent Bogu set that were worn by many Kendo practitioners including the world champions and thousands of Sensei.

In 2007, Tahara Hakuzan signed a contract for the position of an exclusive factory chief and an executive officer of Tozando Co., Ltd. His experieces of Kendo Bogu crafting and assembling has already passed 30 and several years and his quest for making the pinnacle of Kendo Bogu never still keeps going on.

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