Tora and Michi Kote - Buy One Get One free!

Tora and Michi Kote Buy One Get One Free!

Buy any pair of Michi or Tora and get another set completely free!

Outside of your men, your kote take the most hits and receive the most wear during keiko. Not only are they targets, but you also handle your shinai with them.This means not only to they have to keep up with all the hits you take, but they also have to put up with the constant wear and tear of moving, handling and striking with your shinai.
This is why many people like to have several sets of kote - you can rotate the pairs out and extend their life considerably by spreading the workload. Usually kote require a sizeable investment, that's why we have decided to offer two of our most popular kote as Buy One Get One Free!
If you are looking at getting kote, then look no further! With this offer you can get two sets of kote for a fantastic price instead of just one. Maybe you and a friend want to go in together on both sets? No problem! Just let us know in your order comments what sizes you need and we will sort it out for you! Check out the details of the two kote below if you can't make a choice!

Tora Kote - supporting your strike as well as protecting you

With its signature five kazari-ito (decorative braids) across the atama, the Tora is a striking kote that not only looks distinct, but also helps you improve your kendo. The kazari-ito actually guide your hands into a comfortable and natural kamae. This helps you improve your posture, hasuji and tenouchi. On top of this they have been designed with rigorous keiko in mind - a thick 6mm fit-stitched futon provides excellent protection, whilst orizashi cotton finishing decreases drying times after keiko.
Tora Kote - unique design that improves your kamae

The tora also possesses a deeper cut between your thumb and index finger, this improves mobility and makes holding a shinai far more comfortable than being in regular kote. This has applications across all of our arm movements in keiko, in particular when applying sae (sharpness, a snap like finish to your cut). Combined with the tora's flexible wrist joint it helps the kihon dosa of kendo feel comfortable and natural to perform. the Tora is a kote that not only protects you, but also supports your kendo.

Michi - built for keiko and built to last

The "MICHI" model is a light weight, easy to use Kote with great durability and impact absorption, at a very competitive price! By using a new type of padding, we have been able to produce a extremely lightweight, yet thicker and more protective type of Futon for this Kote.
Thanks to the carefully prepared materials and the skills of our craftsmen, we have constructed this Kote so that the Kote Himo will not shift and open up the Kote unnecessary with time, which is a very common problem.
Michi Kote - robust and long-lasting kote

The Michi is also designed ergonomically to work with your wrists and kendo kamae. The flexibility of the orizashi futon allows for excellent mobility and comfort during keiko. The easier it is to grip your shinai and the more cofmrotable it is to swing then the easier it is to engage with yuor practice and get good results. We don't just design our kote to protect, we also design them to be used in active kendo practice.