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Sometimes it might be hard to choose a good Iaito for a beginner, having just started out on the long road of swordsmanship.
Here we have gathered the Iaito that are recommended for beginners, with Minosaka Iaito being a famous Iaito maker from Gifu prefecture, their Iaito are widely sold by various suppliers throughout the world and are known for their quality and good price.

Here we also have Tozando's famous Genbu series which contains the Toryumon line of Iaito, with great quality at reasonable prices for beginners, made by Tozando in our own workshop in the Gifu prefecture, Japan. No matter if you need a short, light, or simply a standard, reasonably priced, good Iaito, the Tozando Toryumon line Iaito can offer you most of these qualities.

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'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae Wakizashi 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae Daisho Set
Housen Custom-Made Iaito Carrying Bag: Type Shirai 'Minosaka' Brand Basic Iaito 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Zogan Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand Basic Iaito
Starts from: $326.40

'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Edo Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Yagyu Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Musashi Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Toppei Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Tensho Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Hon Jidai Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Shinto Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Koto Higo Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Dotanuki Extra Heavy 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Satsuma Koshirae Extra Long 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Double Grooves Iaito
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Tengu Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Koshirae Wakizashi Tetto Kabutowari
Tetto Kabutowari
Our Price: $85.95

Spare Saya for Minosaka Iaito Tozando Byakko - Ryu Koshirae Iaito Tozando Byakko - Suicho Koshirae Iaito
Byakko - Ryu Koshirae
Starts from: $450.00

Byakko - Suicho Koshirae
Starts from: $450.00

Tozando Byakko - Musha Koshirae Iaito Tozando Byakko - Tsuru Koshirae Iaito Tozando Byakko - Soten Koshirae Iaito
Byakko - Musha Koshirae
Starts from: $450.00

Byakko - Tsuru Koshirae
Starts from: $450.00
Byakko - Soten Koshirae
Starts from: $450.00
Tozando Byakko - Musashi Koshirae Iaito Tozando Toryumon - Original Practical Iaito Tozando Byakko - Ishime Higo Koshirae Iaito
Byakko - Musashi Koshirae
Starts from: $450.00

Toryumon - Classic
Our Price: $299.10