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Bushido means "the way of the warrior" and is well known as the code that the Samurai lived by during the feudal Japan. Here on Tozando you can find products related to the Samurai, such as Shinsakuto (Modern sharp Japanese swords or Katana that are made with traditional methods), Antique swords, Yoroi Armors or Kabuto Helmets. You can also find products related to Japanese culture, for example Dojo Furniture such as Kamidana (a Shinto altar often seen in Japanese Homes or Budo Dojo's), or products related to traditional Japanese tea ceremony and calligraphy. Of course, all products provided by Tozando are high quality products that are made in Japan unless otherwise stated.

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Porcelain Dishes and Vases Set Kagaribi Stand Sanpo Large
Porcelain Dishes and Vases Set
Our Price: $22.75

Kagaribi Stand
Our Price: $13.10

Sanpo Large
Our Price: $32.75
Sanpo Medium Sanpo Small Lantern
Sanpo Medium
Our Price: $28.65
Sanpo Small
Our Price: $23.65
Our Price: $35.50
Candle Stands Grand Five Shrines Kamidana Small Grand Five Shrines Kamidana Medium
Candle Stands
Our Price: $8.65
Grand Five Shrines Kamidana Large Grand Three Shrines Kamidana Large Grand Three Shrines Kamidana Medium
Grand Three Shrines Kamidana Small Deluxe Single Shrine Kamidana Large Deluxe Single Shrine Kamidana Medium
Standard Shrine Kamidana Large Standard Shrine Kamidana Medium Kozuchi
Standard Shrine Kamidana Medium
Our Price: $27.30

Our Price: $83.65
Mekuginuki Choji Oil Bulk 100 cc Portable Sword Maintenance Kit
Our Price: $8.20

Choji Oil Bulk 100 cc
Our Price: $16.40

Portable Sword Maintenance Kit
Our Price: $35.50

Choji Oil 30cc Uchiko Sword Maintenance Kit
Choji Oil 30cc
Our Price: $8.20

Our Price: $10.95

Sword Maintenance Kit
Our Price: $17.30

Deluxe Sword Maintenance Kit Nuguigami(Wiping Paper for Sword) Choji Oil 20cc
Choji Oil 20cc
Our Price: $7.30

Sword Pillow Artificial Sakaki Leaves Basic Shrine Kamidana
Sword Pillow
Our Price: $35.50
Basic Shrine Kamidana
Our Price: $23.65