Enter to Win - Tozando's Free Order Draw
Tozando's Bon O'Drawey!

Tozando's Bon O'Drawey - Will your order be free?
Over this year's Obon holidays Tozando is running a Free Order Draw. Obon is a family holiday and a joyous time of celebration across Japan; we wanted to bring those celebrations to you - therefore from August 10th till the 20th, any orders made on Tozando's international online shop will be entered automatically into this prize draw.
After the 20th we will collect all the numbers together from over that period then a week later a third party representative will draw our eight winners. The first five orders picked will receive a refund on their order up to a value of $50.00. The next two winners will receive a refund of up to $100.00 off of their order. And finally our final grand winner will receive a refund to their order of a whopping $500.00. Any winners whose refunds exceed their order value will get their order entirely for free. All you have to do to have a chance at winning, is order something - as long as you place an order between the 10th of August and the 20th of August (Japanese Standard Time), your order number will be entered into the draw.
There are only 10 days to make an order and have the chance at winning a free order; so act fast and don't miss out. Good luck!
Enter to Win - Tozando's Free Order Draw
Terms and Conditions
  • All orders made between August the 10th 00:00 Japanese Standard Time and August the 20th 11:59:59 Japanese Standard Time will have their order numbers recorded and placed into a random draw.
  • The draw will take place a week after the deadline for orders to be made on the 27th.
  • All the order numbers will be listed and then a random number generator will choose eight winners in order. Only orders that have been paid for at the time of the draw will be considered valid, those awaiting payment will be re-drawn. The draw will be made by a third-party representative not employed by Tozando.
  • The first five winners will receive up to $50.00 off of their order. The next two winners will receive up to $100.00 off of their order. The final winner will receive a refund of up to $500.00 off of their order. If the refund exceeds the amount paid for the order then the winner will be refunded the original cost of their order.
  • The refunds will be processed by our finance department after the results have been announced and it may take some time for the funds to be returned to your account.
  • If you paid by cash or international postal money order you will receive your refund in reward points.
  • If you receive a prize refund then later-on return the goods, for any reason, for a refund; you will only receive the amount you paid taking into account the refund, not the original cost of the order.