Until the 20th of May you can grab our signature A-1 Alpha Jissengata Gi for only $20.00 when bought alongside the A-1 Alpha Bogu. Summer is getting closer and the training is getting hotter and hotter - the perfect environment for the A-1 Alpha. Just select your size of Gi from the drop down menu when ordering your Bogu and it will be added to your cart for only $20.00.

Both the Bogu and the Gi have been designed specifically to enhance the movements of the wearer whilst still offering excellent protection. This achieved through innovative lightweight materials and construction. The Bogu features a unique diagonal cut to the mendare and o-dare, reducing unecessary weight and offering a unique sillhouette. Further features include nanamezashi stitching on both the men and the tare so it fits your movements, not restricting them.
The Gi compliments its Bogu perfectly - lightweight single-weave sashiko fabric woven from genuine indigo-died cotton makes for a wonderfully comfortable gi that flows with you and remains breathable through out keiko.
This offer gets you two of our highest quality items for under $650, but remember it is only available until the 20th of May. So make the most of it whilst you still can, be the first in and the last out.