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Choosing the Perfect Aikido Gi and Hakama for Beginners

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For Aikido martial arts training, an Aikido gi jacket, pants and hakama as well as an obi belt are required. Depending on the school there are cases when wearing a gi jacket and hakama are necessary once you have been graded, so we recommend beginners to consult with their dojo on what is needed. Generally Aikido gi jackets and pants are made from 100% cotton, have excellent durability, and are recommended for beginners. While there are circumstances when Judo gi jackets and pants can be substituted, there are differences in the shape and length of the sleeves so please wear a specialty gi jacket designed for Aikido whenever possible. Also hakama for Aikido is completely different from the counterparts for Kendo or Iaido. So don't substitute them with Judo gi nor Kendo hakama!
For beginners wearing hakama, we advise synthetic fabrics such as polyester and tetron. Although there is a choice of navy blue or black, black is the popular choice with most practitioners. For beginners selecting Aikido gi and hakama, there are three points to take into consideration:
  • Durability - During Aikido training there are a variety of movements such as grabs, throws and techniques performed from a seated position. Our meticulously constructed Aikido wear and hakama are reinforced for such movements, with more stitching than those of other brands, to make them sturdier and more robust. It is important to choose clothing and hakama that have been well stitched such as those offered by Tozando in order to ensure their longevity.
  • Ease of movement - In Aikido, posture is essential. In order to maintain good posture you should be selecting gi and hakama that aren't too big or too small, and fit right for your body. Choosing well-fitted clothing that is comfortable to move in will aid in helping you learn the correct posture.
  • Weight - For those who undergo long amounts of training, gi and hakama can absorb sweat which can cause them to become heavy and affect movement. In order to combat this we offer premium quality Aikido gi and hakama made from quick-drying and lightweight material, which are particularly useful for those who tend to perspire heavily.


Aikido gi must be manufactured to withstand being grabbed during training. In addition, for performing seated techniques, the material around the knees must be made thicker to prevent wear and tear. Considering you will be washing your gear numerous times, hakama must also be made from durable material that won't wear or fade. For beginners we suggest our outstanding Deluxe Polyester Aikido Hakama made from lightweight synthetic fabric, as this material - in comparison to heavy cotton - is less likely to lose its shape. Movement is the most important aspect of Aikido, a martial art in which one does not contend with an opponent's power but instead neutralizes the attack with body movements in accordance to the opponent's balance.

Ease of movement

When Aikido gi and hakama absorb sweat and become heavy, it becomes difficult to perform movements properly. For that reason, we recommend quick-drying and lightweight Aikido clothing such as our superior Aikido clothing sets found here.


For this reason, we recommend gi and hakama that are lightweight and fit well. At Tozando we offer first-rate tailoring services for gi and hakama to customize clothing according to your body shape, meaning that your purchase is an exceptionally one-of-a-kind bespoke fit. In addition, if purchasing one of our imcomparable cotton gi jackets, we recommend one size larger in the case of slight shrinkage when washing. For beginners selecting hakama, we recommend synthetic materials for their weight, durability, and ease of movement. For gi jackets, we strongly recommend cotton due to its high durability.