Call for Reviews!

Post a review and earn 5$!

If you bought one of our products since April 1st, 2017, you have until August 31st to post a review on that product's page. Each valid review will earn its author 5 Reward Points on his/her account.

We value your opinions and feedbacks above all. As it is said "a well informed customer is a confident customer". Your review not only help us improve our services and products, but reviewers and readers help each other in making informed decisions when searching for the perfect product to suit their need. We believe that a strong review base will serve everyone. Helping us making better products, providing better customer service and helping you buying ever more confidently on And as it is a work of value, we want to reward reviewers for their help in the process.

Review Guidelines
- All products from orders placed and received between April 1st, 2017 and August 31st, 2017 can be reviewed in this campaign.
- The review shall be of informative nature on the product and/or the service. A 5 stars "Great Product" sure warmth our hearts but your informed opinion can be more helpful to others.
- All reviews will be rewarded if their content is in the nature of helping us and customers regarding the product. Of course, negative reviews are also valuable feedback if help us improve our service. No rewards for insults or laconic "this is crap"! But if you are not satisfied, tell us why instead and we will be sure to follow on this.
- Rewards will only go to reviews posted during the campaign (from July 7th until August 31st, 2017)

How to post a review
- On the product page, look for the "Write a Review" or "Be the first to write a review..." and click on the link.
- On the review page, fill in all required fields with of course... your product review ;). IMPORTANT: for your security, do not provide any critical information like your complete address. Since you need to be logged in to post a review, we will be able to identify you anyway through your customer account.
- Once this is done, just click on the "Submit Review" and that's it!


The best review posted during that campaign will get 100 Reward Points!