Congratulations to Mr. Alexander Sommerseth!

Mr. Sommerseth won the hand-stitched Men made by NAKATA-san at the 25th EKC in Berlin, Germany. We at Tozando hope that he is satisfied with his prize and that it will serve him well for the longest of time.

Thanks to all of the participants and people who visited our booth at the EKC, we were very happy to see that there was so many Tozando supporters and fans in Europe and we will do our best to continue provide everyone with the best quality Kendo equipment available! 

The 25th European Kendo Championships are approaching and the best of European Kendoka are certainly training hard to be ready for that big event.
As you may already know, Tozando is sponsoring the event and will be there in Berlin, so don't forget to drop by our booth between 2 shiai :) You will be able to meet with NAKATA Takumi, our master craftsman in charge of making all our custom made Kendo Bogu sets. You will also have the opportunity to see him in action while making a 2.0 hand-stitched Men.

This will be NAKATA-san's first time out of Japan to meet European Kendoka and some of our customers there. To celebrate this special occasion, NAKATA-san will offer the Men he will make during the tournament to one lucky Kendoka. If you want to have the chance to win this 2.0bu hand-stitched Men, just fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Who is Takumi NAKATA - Self-introduction

My sister's friend was doing Kendo and my mother told me to start as well. I started practising Kendo in the summer of when I was 7 years old in a small town Dojo in Shiga Prefecture, lead by a 8dan Hanshi sensei. He taught me a lot and still does. During high school period, my school team got in the best 8 at the prefecture team tournament. I started when I was small and I still continue Kendo. Although I am every day busy with making Men or other Bogu parts, I finish in time to go to practice. That is very important for me. My next goal is to become 6th dan in three years. And now I am practising hard to become that level. I wanted to become a craftsman because Kendo is my passion and I wanted to do something that connects with Kendo. I love Bogu very much. I think it is an honour to have had the chance to learn from my master Mr. Tahara, who is one of the most famous craftsmen in this country. He taught me strict but nicely, and now every day I am doing my best to overcome my master and his skills.

Recent achievements:
Kendo 5th Dan(2009)