Tozando Partnership Program

Tozando Partnership Program

For nearly three decades, Tozando has been providing Budo practitioners all around the world with high quality equipment.

We have been always strivong to serve our customers as swiftly and professionally as possible. Throughout the years, many dojo and retailers have came to appreciate our products and services and they helped us expand far beyond our expectations.

Since we started to sell online at the very beginning of the commercial Internet, the tremendous development of the world wide web and the globalization of exchanges have redefined the Budo equipment Industry standards and distribution channels. While we are working to preserve the values and traditions of Japanese Budo, we acknowledged this evolution and we are constantly trying to adapt to customers new needs. In a move to improve our products and service and to keep expanding, we are looking for new partners who share Tozando values.

Whether you are already a Tozando supporter and fan or if you are looking for high quality products for your students or customers, let us know about it. Not only is there a mutual advantage to work together but in the end it will also benefit to all Budo practitioners out there.

Tozando New Partnership Program is launched in October 2017

The details will be announced shortly and if you are interested in Tozando Partnership Program, please contact us from here.