Best Product Review Contest

Tozando 2nd 'Best Product Review Contest'

It has been 6 month since last time and once again, we want to know what you customers think. So we are proud to announce the 2nd 'Best Product Review Contest' on Tozando!
While we're pleased to have you as a customer and thankful for your purchase each time, we're also very keen on hearing what you think of our products. We value honest feedback, because it identifies areas for improvement and helps us provide our customers with a better service and high quality products.
Your reviews will certainly be of great help to other customers and as it is said "a well informed customer is a confident customer". In this regard, to show you our appreciation for helping us and other Budo practitioners like you, we will be offering a full refund on the product you have purchased and for which you have posted a review should we select it as the best review at the end of the campaign. There will also be rewards for 2nd and 3rd best reviews so keep posting! 


Who can take part to the contest?How do I post a review?

Any customer who has previously purchased a product on can post a review for that particular product. Only reviews of products purchased by the customer will be taken into account.

The content of the review must be clear and concise but detailed enough to understand the customerís point of view. Critical reviews are of course welcome but it must remain polite. Insulting or offensive reviews will not be published.

All reviews made during the campaign period of 12-30th September will be considered as an entry.

1) On the product page, look for the "Write a Review" or "Be the first to write a review..." and click on the link.

2) On the review page, fill in all required fields with of course... your product review ;). IMPORTANT: for your security, do not provide any critical information like your complete address. Since you need to be logged in to post a review, we will be able to identify you anyway.

3) Once this is done, just click on the "Submit Review" and that's it!
What is the deadline to post a review? When will the result be announced?

You have until September 30th 2013 (JST) to post a product review.

Any review posted after that date will still be published but will not be taken into account in.

The result of the contest will be announced on the website the week following the end of the contest.


#1 - for the best product review (x1 pers.)
     > A full refund of the product (cash back)
#2 - for the second best product review (x2 pers.)
     > 5,000 reward points (= 5,000JPY)
#3 - for the third best product review (x3 pers.)
     > 1,000 reward points (= 1,000JPY)