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If you ever have an opportunity to come to Kyoto...

Please visit the famous Tozando shop here in Nishijin!

Our shop is located on the Nakadachiuri Dori street and Chiekoin Dori street. Click here for the access map.

Traditional appearance of Tozando entrance.
Your visit is always welcome!

1F: Take your shoes off here at the
lobby and enjoy shopping.

1F: More Shinai & Bokken, Gi, Hakama
and Kendo Bogu sets here.

1F: More Bogu are being displayed here.
See our famous ¥2,000,000 Tsurukame Bogu!

1F: Hard-working, computerized embroidery
machine. Your name's embroidered here.

1F: The workshop! We're not just a supplier,
but manufacturing and repairing.

2F: Stockhouse and packing room
All packages packed and shipped from here.

2F: Staff office. We are working hard
for the customer's satisfaction everyday.

3F: This huge showroom was designed by
Japanese staff for The Last Samurai.

3F: Lots of treasure. We are very proud
to be the supplier of genuine Japanese sword.