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Let us invite you to learn about the ideas that are driving Tozando and the people behind those ideas. All Tozando staffs devote themselves to the consumer and our respect for Japanese tradition, history and legacy are at the heart of everything we do.

Tozando is arguably one of the most famous Budo equipment suppliers, known and respected worldwide for the high quality original items, and for the friendly and reliable customer service.

Recognizing the increasing worldwide popularity of Budo, in 1989, Takahiko Kimura established Tozando as a resource that would address the growing international desire for authentic Budo gear and equipment. From its commencement, Tozando has served the ever increasing multinational interest in Budo. For the global leadership for Budo development, Tozando received a formal letter of appreciation from Mr. Isamu Sato, Secretary General of the International Kendo Federation. The letter noted our ongoing contribution and dedication to the international advancement of Budo as well as our long-term commitment to legitimate forms of cultural exchange. At Tozando, we saw this honorable mention as a word of encouragement. And so we keep striving to craft and provide high-quality products to those who study and devote themselves to the traditional warrior arts of Japan the world over.

In 1995, Tozando has launched the first online shop on the internet for Kendo Bogu equipments in Japan and is still leading and influencing the market of the Japanese Budo equipments. As a part of global contribution programs, Tozando, in collaboration with the Kyoto University, has sent numbers of used Kendo Bogu sets to Israel to support those kids and youngs who were willing to practice Japanese Kendo in 1998.

Tozando was also introduced on television at the Kyoto Broadcasting Station in January 2002 as one of the store in vigor and unique in Nishijin area of Kyoto City, where the traditional Nishijin weaving is being manufactured.

Kyoto Shibun newspaper, April 12, 2005(picture left)

Tozando’s method of production is quite contrary to the typical high-volume manufacturer. Tozando does not make use of large factories. Rather, in all of our equipment, there is an air of refined craftsmanship. This is because we utilize our nation’s most renowned small and highly professional shops in the production of our equipment. Naturally then, the size of our yield is somewhat limited, but we feel it is well worth it when one looks at the high level of quality and authenticity that marks all of Tozando’s weapons, clothing, and supplies. All of this allows us to have great pride in our catalog - something we think you will have as well when using Tozando gear.

The founder/CEO of Tozando, Takahiko Kimura(picture right) and Tozando's executive adviser, Junki Yoshida(left) better known to be the founder and president of the Yoshida Foods International.

Take our Kendo Bogu for example. For us, Kendo Bogu is not just another piece of sporting goods. Rather, following age old tradition, we see the garment of the kendoka as a perfect blend of form and function. Thus, our Bogu is not merely produced, it is crafted, crafted by skillful hands and using only the finest natural materials. Tied to the long history of donning the warrior with proper attire, using only time tested natural materials, the craftsmanship of our Bogu must even take into account the natural cycles of such things as crop yields and weather patterns. And so each piece, from start to finish, from field to shop, is examined with the utmost scrutiny - testing but also calling forth the skill of each highly trained craftsman.

Tozando televised on the 22nd of January 2002 on the Kyoto Broadcasting Station's popular evening show, "Rakurabu"(picture right).

By starting with only the best materials, and putting them into the hands of masters of their craft, Tozando’s Bogu is like no other in terms of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and durability. Also, having at least a little touch of “customEin every piece we offer allows us to address the various body types and sizes of the entire planet. As a result, a kendoka that orders from Tozando is not only provided with an amazing piece of Bogu, but he/she also receives a piece of Bogu that can be used amazingly - due to the proper fitting of our men, kote, do, etc.

In this way, Tozando is able to offer both authentic and legitimate Bogu to the world over. We are 100% confident that you will be completely satisfied with our products.

Surprising visit by a celebrated TV show host, Marian(left) at Tozando in October 2006.

Today, Tozando ships to over thirty countries - on nearly every continent. Meeting the tenets of its formation, Tozando continually strives to offer the best equipment at the best value. We also work tirelessly to meet the high customer service standards of the entire world. At Tozando, it is our goal to contribute as much as we can to the legitimate advancement of Budo across the globe.

The world-renowned sax player and radio show host, Dave Koz visited Tozando in April, 2006, accompanied by Akihiko Shimada-CEO of CLIP INC
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