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Over 20 years ago when Tozando was still newly founded and was about to develop our first Aikido Hakama, we invited Fujita Masatake Shihan 8-dan, one of the last students to have trained with Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido at the Aikido Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, to ask him what he thought would be the definition of a ”good Aikido Hakama”. According to what he told Tozando, the 5 main points of a good Aikido Hakama are the following:

  • The Aikido Hakama should be easy to move in
  • The Aikido Hakama should look good
  • The Aikido Hakama should be safe to use
  • The Aikido Hakama should be durable
  • The Aikido Hakama should be inexpensive
Since then, these 5 points make up the ground concept behind the Aikido Hakama that Tozando makes and sells, even to this day.
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Tozando Basic Tetron Hakama Tozando Basic Tetron Aikido Hakama Tozando Standard Tetron Aikido Hakama
Tozando Basic Tetron Hakama
Our Price: ¥4,500.00

Tozando Basic Tetron Aikido Hakama
Our Price: ¥6,400.00

Tozando Standard Tetron Aikido Hakama
Our Price: ¥10,500.00

Mitsuboshi Memory Pleats Tetron Aikido Hakama Tozando Polyester Aikido Hakama "UME" Tozando Cotton Aikido Hakama "TAKE"
Tozando Cubic Sensor Stretch Aikido Hakama Tozando Tailor-Made Aikido Hakama Tozando Premium Indigo-dyed #11000 Cotton Aikido Hakama "MATSU"
Tozando Tailor-Made Aikido Hakama
Our Price: ¥22,500.00

Tozando Cotton Aikido Hakama "MATSU+"

The soul of Tozando craftsmanship

In Tozando we believe that a Aikido Hakama should not only be durable, comfortable and look good, but also be made to accommodate the specific needs of Aikido. Our Aikido Hakama are tailored by our experienced tailors at the Tozando Nishijin workshop in Kyoto and at the Tozando Factory in Iwate. In consultation with our Aikido staff, our tailors who have many years of experience making traditional Hakama and Hakama for Budo, painstakenly make each Hakama piece by piece, mixing tradition and technology, making Aikido Hakama by Aikido practitioners for Aikido practitioners, and providing the best Hakama for our customers.

Some of the features that make our Aikido Hakama so special, besides being completely hand-made in Japan, is that all our Aikido Hakama features 7-lines of stitching on the whole front obi, making it more durable, easier to tie and also preventing creasing. Our Hakama also feature an Aikido cut, meaning that we have tailored them to promote a slim and beautiful silhouette and promoting smooth footwork by making the front of the Hakama slightly shorter. Even the angle of the pleats have been calculated so that they don't spread to wide and look untidy when you wear your Hakama. In addition to that, our Hakama also feature inner-pleats stitching, side slit reinforcement and double edge stitching on the bottom hem by default in addition to two very handy loops that can be used for hang drying your Hakama after washing it.
From the fabric, to the tailoring and to the finish, everything is made by our own craftsmen in Japan, producing the highest quality Aikido Hakama and available at a reasonable price! But don't take our word for it, please see the quality of Tozando for yourself!

Tozando Nishijin Workshop

The Tozando Nishijin workshop in Kyoto is where Tozando makes most of our Hakama. The tailors have many years of experience, not only in making traditional Hakama and Gi, but also Hakama and Gi for Kendo, Aikido and Iaido. Using traditional craftsmanship, while at the same time adapting to the times by using the latest materials and techniques, they painstakingly make each Hakama by hand.
Our tailors are present in the whole process from choosing the fabrics to making the Hakama and finally the finishing touches, before handing it over to our distribution center, so that they can have full control over the whole production and ensure that each product is acceptable according to their quality standards. This is why they also are very flexible and can swiftly take care of tailor-made orders and special requests which no other manufacturer can take care of.
Blending tradition with science, they put their utmost efforts into bringing the highest quality products to you, our customers, directly from Kyoto in Japan