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A-1 α (Alpha) 6mm Orizashi Kendo Bogu Set
A-1 α (Alpha) 6mm Orizashi Kendo Bogu Set

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Light, easy to use and optimized for training,
these are the concepts that the legendary A-1 Series Bogu were built upon. As a collaboration between Tozando and Kanagawa Hakkodo, the A-1 concept was further refined and the new A-1 α Bogu was born.

Using the most popular options from the A-1 series, such as 'Diagonal Cut Mendare' to make the Men as light as possible with a distinct silhouette and a Mengane which has been painted gray inside to widen your field of view by preventing unwanted light reflections on the inside of the Men.
The throat is protected by the detachable IBB Safety Guard attachment, which will protect you against even the harshest Tsuki, making it more safe than ever to do high level Kendo.

The Kote are light and nicely padded, made in Orizashi Cotton to make them soft and comfortable to wear. The Do also features a unique A-1 Alpha Mune Kazari pattern.
and the Tare features 'Diagonal Cut Oodare' to make the Tare as light as possible and Nanamezashi on both the left and right Oodare to make them more flexible and easy to form. In addition to this we have made the Hara-obi slimmer making it more comfortable to wear and easier to move in. The Tare-himo is also made slimmer towards the tip, making it easier to tie.

The A-1 α Bogu uses a new type of padding that has been developed using the joint knowledge of Tozando and Kanagawa Hakkodo to make even softer and better fitting Men, Kote and Tare.

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*Due to huge demand, some sizes of this Bogu some sizes for Men, Tare and Kote might run out very fast (especially larger sizes), the next available batch of A-1 Alpha Bogu will be shipped in mid-May 2017.
We will ship all the Bogu in the order we receive your orders.

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General Specs

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Around Forehead(B)*:

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IBB SAFETY GUARD is a removable throat protector that follows your every single head movement. The ISG (IBB Safety Guard) will protect your throat from shock to the thyroid cartilage and injury to the carotid artery, when receiving even the most severe Tsuki. Since you donít have to be afraid of the sword tip, you can charge in and aim for the Men with high precision.

Men Features:

Men Futon: 6mm Machine-stitch Orizashi Cotton Futon
Mengane: Duralumin (gray inside)
Mendare: Nanamezashi with 3cm Diagonal cut (Mendare length: 18.5-19cm)
Uchiwa: Sillead
Ago: Cross with 4 lines of decoration
Herikawa/Mimikawa: Navy Clarino

Kote Features:

Tare Futon: 6mm Machine-stitch Orizashi Cotton Futon
with Extra padded right Kote Futon
Palm: Micro-punch Clarino
Wrist: Oji-cut flexible wrist
Kazari: Yoroigata
Lining: Sillead

Do Features:

Mune: Deluxe Quality Kurozan Leather
Kazari: A-1 α (Alpha) Kazari
Do-dai: Plain Black Reinforced Fiber Do

Tare Features:

Tare Futon: 6mm Machine-stitch Orizashi Cotton Futon
Oodare: Diagonal Cut and Nanamezashi on Left and right Oodare
Hara-obi: Slim Hara-obi for extra comfort
Kazari: 5-lines of Silk braid Kazari
Tare-himo: Slim tip for easy tying
Herikawa: Navy Clarino

The legacy of A-1 series

A-1 is a legendary Bogu brand by Kanagawa Hakkodo, enjoying high popularity among Japanese Kendoka for itís high quality and great fit. In fact, the A-1 is well known and used by most All Japan level Kendoka in Japan, including many current and past champions of the All Japan Kendo Championship and World Kendo Championship.
Itís even said that the light and flexible A-1 Bogu is the sign of a winner. Not only is it a Bogu that is good for competition, but itís also great for your everyday Keiko thanks to itís great durability and lightness.
A-1 will without doubt solve any problems you have with your current Bogu, being the no.1 in customer satisfaction.
Try out the A-1 Alpha Men, a collaboration between Tozando, Mitsuboshi and Kanagawa Hakkodo, you won't regret it!

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