Tozando 30th Anniversary Sales

From Kyoto to the World for 30 years

Tozando was founded in 1989 and has been bringing Japanese budo equipment to the world ever since. We couldn't have made it this far without the support of all you out there who are practicing, experiencing and preserving Japanese budo.

You are not only customers, but also our partners, helping to bring the benefits of budo to everyone who wants to learn. This year is a very special one for us and we would love to share our good fortune with everyone.

That is why we are running these 30th anniversary sales, a thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way and an opportuntiy for anyone who wants to expereince Japanese martial arts!

Our Journey

Tozando was established with one goal in mind: to provide the world's budoka with the best equipment Japanese craftsmanship can offer. We are striving to achieve this goal through a commitment to quality and innovation.

After three decades we are proud of what we have acheived - not only are we making World class equipment used by all levels of budoka, but we are also at the forefront of the industry in innovative products.

We fervently believe that budo has the pwoer to affect positive change in the world, both for individuals and society. We want to continue supporting budoka every step of the way on their journey of self-improvement. These past 30 years have been amazing and we look forward to many more with you.

Please enjoy our Anniversary Sales and know that you have our thanks!

30 Year Anniversary Sales

We are featuring all sort of different products in these anniversary sales, scroll down to check out what's on offer!

This page will be updated as new products and deals are added, so keep coming back to keep so you don't miss an opportunity.