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A good Kote makes a world of difference! Here you can get a spare Kote for your Bogu set so that you can let one Kote rest a bit in-between your practice sessions to allow it to dry out properly or you can get a Kote especially for competition purposes such as the Mokkei or Shin Mokkei models. You can never have too few Kote!
All Kote are made in Japan in the Tozando Iwate Factory.
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Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu Deluxe 4 mm Pitch-Nagazashi Machine-Stitched Kote Washable Clarino Machine-Stitched Kote Tozando Custom-made Kendo Kote - Kyoto, Japan -  Completely Made in Japan!
Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu
Our Price: ¥1,000.00
Tozando Custom-made Kote
Our Price: ¥18,800.00

Deluxe Orizashi Machine-Stitched Kote Deluxe Machine-Stitched Kote MOKKEI Deluxe Machine-Stitched Kote MOKKEI "Yume" - Limited Edition Deluxe Machine-Stitched Kote MOKKEI
WAKON TOMOE Jissengata Made-to-order Kote 'BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Kote 'BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Kote "Dry Mesh" Orizashi Tornado-stitch Kendo Kote
Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Kote
Our Price: ¥24,800.00
Bioclean 5mm Dry Mesh Kote "Wakon"
Our Price: ¥28,900.00

Orizashi Tornado-stitch® Kendo Kote
Our Price: ¥29,800.00

Deluxe Tornado-stitch Kendo Kote