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The Suzaku series are our newest Iaito series, with original Iaito made in Kyoto, Japan! Tozando is now reviving the art of sword making in Kyoto, being the stage for many historical events and wars, it is the perfect place for us to start this ambition, all Iaito are made in our small workshop at the Tozando Headquarters in Nishijin and comes with a certificate as a proof of their origins.

The Suzaku series are recommended for intermediate to advanced practitioners, offering models in Kyoto related themes. This series of Iaito has some designs and fittings that are not even available for our custom-made Iaito at the moment!

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Suzaku - Tengu Koshirae Suzaku - Tengu Koshirae
Our Price: 59,800.00

Suzaku - Ryu Koshirae Suzaku - Ryu Koshirae
Our Price: 59,800.00

Suzaku - Katsumushi Koshirae Suzaku - Katsumushi Koshirae
Our Price: 59,800.00

Suzaku - Hanaikada Koshirae Suzaku - Hanaikada Koshirae
Our Price: 59,800.00
Suzaku - Kassen Koshirae Suzaku - Kassen Koshirae
Our Price: 59,800.00
Suzaku - Bonji Koshirae Suzaku - Bonji Koshirae
Our Price: 59,800.00
Suzaku - Muradori Koshirae Suzaku - Muradori Koshirae
Our Price: 59,800.00
Tozando SUZAKU Custom-made Iaito Tozando SUZAKU Custom Iaito
Our Price: 76,800.00