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The Genbu series are our entry level Iaito, they are very basic Iaito without much options to customize. But the quality does not lose to our high-end Iaito and they comes at very reasonable prices.

The Genbu series includes our very popular Toryumon-line of Iaito for beginners, the name "Toryumon" comes from a story about a Carp swimming up a waterfall and eventually becoming a dragon. Likewise, i
f you are about to start or just started walking the road of a swordsman and are in need of a Iaito, the Toryumon-line might be just what you were looking for!
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Tozando Toryumon - Original Practical Iaito Tozando Toryumon - "V2" Practical Iaito Toryumon "Zero" - Short Deluxe Practical Iaito
Toryumon - Classic
Our Price: $299.10

Toryumon - V2
Our Price: $350.00

Tozando Toryumon - SHUNDOU version Practical Iaito Tozando Toryumon - SHUNDOU Daisho Set & Free Sword Rack Tozando Iaito Toryumon - Classic (FAST SHIPPING)
Toryumon - SHUNDOU version
Our Price: $331.85

Toryumon - Classic (Fast Shipping!!)
Our Price: $299.10
Limited Offer: $271.85

Tozando Toryumon - SHUNDOU version Practical Iaito SHUNDOU (BUSHIDO - Special edition) Blu-ray
Toryumon - SHUNDOU Premium Package
List Price: $402.75
Our Price: $390.95
SHUNDOU (BUSHIDO - Special edition) Blu-ray
List Price: $96.25
Our Price: $80.95