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Looking for some Kendo classic style equipment? Browse our wide range of simple but durable equipment that have earned customers' trust all through the years.
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Red Oak Tanto Regular Shinai Furnishings Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu
Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu
Our Price: 1,000.00

Rubber Tsubadome Standard Furnished Shinai Cotton "Shobu" Design Shinai Bag
Standard Furnished Shinai
Our Price: 3,500.00

Standard Canvas Shinai Bag Free Shipping! - Standard Furnished Shinai - 10 pcs. Super Package Yoroigata Kendo Bogu Set "TONBO"
Standard Canvas Shinai Bag
Our Price: 1,900.00
Yoroigata Kendo Bogu Set "TOMBO"
Starts from: 59,800.00

Tozando Indigo Dyed Cotton Kendo Hakama "UME" Tozando Basic Tetron Hakama Single-Layered  Kendo Gi
Tozando Basic Tetron Hakama
Our Price: 4,500.00

Deluxe 5 mm Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set Standard Red Oak Bokken Double-layered Indigo-dyed Cotton Kendo Gi
Standard Red Oak Bokken
Our Price: 2,950.00
Deluxe 3 mm Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set WAKON TOMOE Jissengata Made-to-order Kote Washable Clarino Machine-Stitched Kote
Tozando Original 'Hokodome' Logo Muffler Towel Basic Single Layered Cotton Kendo Gi White Tozando Cotton Kendo Uniform "UME"
Basic Single Layered Cotton Kendo Gi White
List Price: 5,700.00
Our Price: 5,000.00
You save 700.00!

Tozando Standard Cotton Kendo Hakama Super Deluxe Shinai Furnishings Deluxe Shinai Furnishings
Tozando Kendo Bogu Backpack Men-Nari Compact Suburi Shinai The ideal set for all Kendo beginners at any age, by Tozando!
Men-Nari - Compact Suburi Practice Shinai
List Price: 15,000.00
Our Price: 12,500.00
You save 2,500.00!

Tozando Complete Kendo Beginners Set
List Price: 84,800.00
Our Price: 69,800.00
You save 15,000.00!
6mm Machine-stitched Orizashi Kendo Kote "MICHI"
6mm Machine-stitched Orizashi Kote "MICHI"
Our Price: 24,800.00
Limited Offer: 12,800.00
You save 12,000.00!