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Tozando's famous Custom-made Iaito has always been a favorite among our products!
Not only can you have a Iaito made exactly to your specification, but you can also pick and choose among over 100+ different options for Tsuba and Fuchi/Kashira, among many other unique options that is not offered anywhere else, but on Tozando! Iaito's made by Iaido top-level practitioners for top-level practitioners! Get your unique Custom-made Iaito today from Tozando!

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TOZANDO Custom-made Iaito Sword Tozando SUZAKU Custom Workshop Iaito
TOZANDO Custom-made Iaito Sword
List Price: $800.00
Starts from: $594.75

TOZANDO SUZAKU Custom Workshop Iaito
List Price: $810.00
Our Price: $625.44