1 Year Suzaku Tsuka-maki Re-wrap Service

Tozando 1 Year Suzaku Tsuka-maki Re-wrap Service

Tozando 1 Year Suzaku Tsuka-maki Re-wrap Service
For nearly 30 years, Tozando has been providing budo practitioners from all over the world with high quality equipment directly from Japan, Kyoto. we pride ourselves on using traditional methods and the expertise of craftsmen who are not only experts in their trade, but have a depp dedication to the arts their creations are used in. This is particularly apparent in our Suzaku Iaito; each one lovingly crafted and assembled entirely in Kyoto. When you buy a Suzaku you are trusting that you are investing in one of best examples of workmanship you can get when it comes to Iaito. therefore it can be immesnely disappointing if you are not satisfied with the result after you begin to use it.
Just like our Kendo practitioners can trust in our Bogu Warranty we want our Iaido followers to have their won peace of mind too. This is why we are proud to advertise the fact that you can receive a free tsuka-maki re-wrap service with any Suzaku for the first year. This is to allay any fears that the tsuka-maki was not bound correctly when it was crafted and so that you can throw yourself into training without any doubts.

General terms and conditions:

  • This service will be valid within one year of your purchase from Tozando.
  • Please note it is only valid for the person who purchased the Iaito.
  • The complimentary re-wrap service can only be applied once per purchase.
  • The re-wrap is only for the tsuka, using the same quality tsuka-ito.
  • The return shipping will be arranged by Tozando, if the tsuka is shipped back by the customer without prior consultation with Tozando, we are not accountable for any shipping costs subsequently incurred for the shipment to Japan.

What is included in the warranty?

A complimentary re-wrapping of the entire Tsuka using the same style and quality of tsuka-ito as the original order. Shipping to and from Japan is also covered.