Tora and Michi Kote - Buy one get one 50% off!

The Tora and Michi Kote - Buy one, get one 50% off

Tozando's signature Kote now available at an unmissable price

Buy one pair of Michi Kote or Tora Kote and get the second pair of Michi or Tora 50% off!
Both our Tora and Michi kote have long been stand out favourites amongst our customers. Combining flexibility, protection and comfort they are fantastic additions to your bogu. Now when you buy two pairs of either kote you get one 50% off. This works for any combination; if you are looking for ergonomic kote that help improve your grip then 2 tora kote would be perfect. If you want two sturdy kote that will hold their shape for years to come and provide you with flexible protection then why not two Michi kote? Can't decide?
Kote take some of the most fierce punishment out of all your bogu so having multiple sets to rotate through training sessions can be invaluable. Now you set yourself up with two extra pairs for an amazing price. All you need to do is order two pairs and then use the coupon code BOGO50 at the checkout.
This offer is available until the 10th of January so make sure you don't miss out!
Michi - No. 1 Selling Kendo Kote in Japan