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These are hand-made Samurai Armors made according to the traditional methods used for making Yoroi. All Yoroi are made by craftsmen that have inherited the art of making Samurai armors, these may be newly made replicas, but they are not fake armors only made for display, as the armor can be worn and the total weight of a set of armor can be as much as 20KG!
The armors are carefully wrapped and packed into a included wooden box which is also used as a display podium, so that you can assemble and display your samurai armor in your home or office!

Tozando are one of the few places you can get this genuine quality armors, which also offers Free International Shipping!
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Mikazuki Maetate Shiroito Navy Nimaido Yoroi Mikazuki Maetate Kuroito Crimson Nimaido Yoroi Sanada Yukimura Shikazuno Yoroi