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Japanese sword has long held a sacred place in the history of Japan as a nation and as a people. The symbolism of the elements used in its construction, the manner in which it is crafted, and the purposes for which it is wielded have all been used to instruct generation after generation in matters such as religion, morality, valor, love, wisdom, and compassion. The Japanese sword has long been used as pedagogical tool meant to cultivate the ideals for humanity in the soul, heart and mind of the pupil.

Today, legends long told and legends yet untold work to keep the Japanese sword as something revered not only in the hearts of the Japanese people but in the hearts of people from all over the world. It is with this in mind that Tozando approaches Japan's master swordsmiths in order to meet the requests and needs of the customers throughout the world. We can think of Japanese sword in no other way, and we hope that you can appreciate our dedication to our history and to our future.

All shinsakuto ordered from Tozando are crafted by nationally recognized Masters of Japanese Cultural Arts - an honor and award issued by the Japanese government. Each shinsakuto is custom made to your exact specifications in accordance with tradition.
Please note that the custom-made Shinsakuto prices usually starts from approx. 850,000JPY.

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