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  Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu DVD

Our Price: ¥10,290.00

Product Code: 055-BCD4

This DVD features a Katori Shinto Ryu demonstration by the 20th headmaster Iizasa Yasusada. The DVD includes the selected katas from Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu, Kodachi (short sword) jutsu, Bojutsu and Naginatajutsu.
This is a must have for all Katori Shinto Ryu practitioners and Kenjutsu enthusiasts !
This has a total run time of 21min, comes with Japanese narration only.

Omote-no Tachi
1) Itsutsu-no Tachi
2) Nanatsu-no Tachi
3) Kasumi-no Tachi
4) Hakka-no Tachi

Gogyo-no Tachi
1) Mittsu-no Tachi
2) Yottsu-no Tachi
3) In-no Tachi
4) Sya-no Tachi
5) Hatsu-no Tachi

1) Eigetsu-no Tachi
2) Suigetsu-no Tachi
3) Isonami-no Tachi
4) Murakumo-no Tachi
Gokui Kodachi ( Short Sword )

1) Seigan-no Kodachi
2) Suigetsu-no Kodachi
3) Habgetsu-no Kodachi
Omote Iai ( Iai-jutsu)

1) Kusanagi-no Ken
2) Nukitsuke-no Ken
3) Nukiuchi-no Ken
4) Uken
5) Saken
6) Happo Ken
Tachi Iai Jutsu ( Standing Iai/Batto Techniques )

1) Ikiai Gyakunuki-no Tachi
2) Zengo Chidori-no Tachi
3) Ikiai Migi Chidori-no Tachi
4) Gyakunuki-no Tachi
5) Nukiuchi-no Tachi
Bojutsu ( 6-shaku bo )

Omote-no Bojutsu
1) Seriai-no Bo
2) Sunehishigi-no Bo
3) Sayu-no Bo
4) Kasahazushi-no Bo
5) Hanetsurube-no Bo
6) Tachinami-no Bo
1) Itsutsu-no Naginata
2) Nanatsu-no Naginata
3) Kasumi-no Naginata
4) Hakka-no Naginata

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