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Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu DVD

Our Price: ¥10,290.00

Product Code: 055-BCD4

This DVD features a Katori Shinto Ryu demonstration supervised by the 20th headmaster Iizasa Yasusada. The DVD includes the selected katas from Katori Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu, Kodachi (short sword) jutsu, Bojutsu and Naginatajutsu.
This is a must have for all Katori Shinto Ryu practitioners and Kenjutsu enthusiasts!
This has a total run time of 21min, comes with Japanese narration only.

Omote-no Tachi
1) Itsutsu-no Tachi
2) Nanatsu-no Tachi
3) Kasumi-no Tachi
4) Hakka-no Tachi

Gogyo-no Tachi
1) Mittsu-no Tachi
2) Yottsu-no Tachi
3) In-no Tachi
4) Sya-no Tachi
5) Hatsu-no Tachi

1) Eigetsu-no Tachi
2) Suigetsu-no Tachi
3) Isonami-no Tachi
4) Murakumo-no Tachi
Gokui Kodachi ( Short Sword )

1) Seigan-no Kodachi
2) Suigetsu-no Kodachi
3) Habgetsu-no Kodachi
Omote Iai ( Iai-jutsu)

1) Kusanagi-no Ken
2) Nukitsuke-no Ken
3) Nukiuchi-no Ken
4) Uken
5) Saken
6) Happo Ken
Tachi Iai Jutsu ( Standing Iai/Batto Techniques )

1) Ikiai Gyakunuki-no Tachi
2) Zengo Chidori-no Tachi
3) Ikiai Migi Chidori-no Tachi
4) Gyakunuki-no Tachi
5) Nukiuchi-no Tachi
Bojutsu ( 6-shaku bo )

Omote-no Bojutsu
1) Seriai-no Bo
2) Sunehishigi-no Bo
3) Sayu-no Bo
4) Kasahazushi-no Bo
5) Hanetsurube-no Bo
6) Tachinami-no Bo
1) Itsutsu-no Naginata
2) Nanatsu-no Naginata
3) Kasumi-no Naginata
4) Hakka-no Naginata

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