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This is a Oval Octagonal-grip Koto-style Shinai. The oval silhouette of the Tsuka and the edges of the octagonal shape make this Shinai very easy to grip and imitates the feel of holding a "real sword". This type of Shinai is great for Suburi but also for people who have problems with their gripping strength, promoting the proper way to grip a Shinai.
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Product Description


SG-Mark of Japanese Consumer Product Safety Association

Each of these Shinai is manufactured by the Tozando Group in our ISO-9001 certified facility, and carries the Japanese Government's SG mark of quality. Each Shinai is cut from the same bamboo plant. 


Shinai Size Chart
Shinai Size Length Recommended for
30 ~91cm Elementary School (Height: 120~135cm)
32 ~99cm Elementary School (Height: 135~145cm)
34 ~105cm Elementary School (Height: 145~150cm)
36 ~110cm Elementary School (Height: 150~155cm)
37 Boys ~114cm Jr. High School
37 Girls ~114cm Jr. High School
38 Boys ~117cm Senior High School
38 Girls ~117cm Senior High School
38 Adult Ladies ~117cm University Students and Adults (+18yrs)
39 Mens ~120cm University Students and Adults (+18yrs)
39 Adult Ladies ~120cm University Students and Adults (+18yrs)


International Kendo Federation Specifications for Shinai
Specification Gender Junior High School (12-15yrs) Senior High School (15-18yrs) University students and Adults (18yrs+)
Maximum length Male & Female 114cm 117cm 120cm
Minimum weight Male 440g 480g 510g
Female 400g 420g 440g


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