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Naginata bogu is distinct from kendo bogu in that it is usually chosen tighter (Do) and naname-zashi oblique stitch on the men is preferred. Also the forefingers of the kote are separated. In addition, you wear sune-ate shin guards. In Japan, there are mostly female naginata practitioners, whereas abroad it is most popular among men.
The naginata bogu we stock at Tozando have been developed on the basis of our many years of experience, and made from carefully selected materials.
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Deluxe Naginata Bogu Set Naginata Sune-ate (shin protectors) Standard Naginata Bogu Set
Deluxe 5mm Naginata Bogu Set
List Price: $921.00
Our Price: $796.00

Standard 6mm Naginata Bogu Set
List Price: $715.00
Our Price: $655.61

Basic Naginata Bogu Set The Face Shield mounted inside a men, protects both your eyes and mouth and lies securely during keiko.
Basic 6mm Naginata Bogu Set
List Price: $590.00
Our Price: $559.83

ISG Face Shield
Our Price: $8.00

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