Legend - Minamoto Kiyomaro Super Heavy Unokubi Wakizashi Koshirae

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Price as configured: ¥89,600.00



Minamoto Kiyomaro is one of the three renown swordsmith in the late Edo Shogunate era and because of his dramatic ups and downs life, many collectors are fond of owning Kiyomaro's work even today. There is still a rumor that his addiction to alcohol drove him to commit suicide at the age of 42.

This is the Wakizashi version of Minamoto Kiyomaro Super Heavy Unokubi Koshirae that features the heavy blade that is made of extra hardened brass alloy with unorthodox Unokubi Kissaki. Because no grooves are features on this sword, you would feel the real heaviness of late Edo Shogunate style sword, called Bakumatsu-to, If you would like to exprience what kind of sword the warriors a hundred fifty years ago in Japan, this Unokubi Koshirae can give you such the idea.
A sand-casted, reinforced brass alloy blade with reproduction of Kiyomaro's Hamon Extra big Unokubi Kissaki No groove Approximately 770 gram without the Saya 1.48 Shaku only Black cottonTsuka Hinerimaki wrapping over stingray skin Silver-plated brass Fuchi/Kashira with Namichidori(plovers over seawaves) theme Silver-plated brass Menuki with coiled dragons Blackened iron Tsuba with Awabi design originally designed by Nobuiye Handmade in Japan


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