Legend - Katsu Kaishu's Tadayoshi Koshirae

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Proudly Made in Japan
Made proudly in Japan

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Price as configured: ¥86,500.00

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Price as configured: ¥86,500.00

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Some historian acclaim that today's Japan would not exist without Katsu Kaishu because of his role as the negotiator between the falling Tokugawa Shogunate forces and the anti-Shogunal domains. This Iaito sword pays tributes to this legend and features Hamon style of Tadayoshi sword which Katsu Kaishu was very fond of owning in his life. Fuchi/Kashira set is made of brass that is finished in antique silver style. Tsuba also features the seawave. Dragon theme is featured on the antique-silver finished Menuki. The seawave and dragon theme on the fitting ornaments are for the great reminder of Kanrin-Maru, a warship led by Katsu Kaishu himself. Black leather cord is bound in traditional Hinerimaki style over the white Tsukasame. The Saya is Hansendan Tamecha(partly stripe-carved dark brown gloss finish with black matte finish) and the white silk Sageo also included. A sand-cased, extra-reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy blade provides the superb balance for the dynamic air-slashing move. Hamon pattern of Tadayoshi, the legendary swordsmith of Hizen prefecture in the Edo era, is applied. Each parts are uncompromisingly hand-assembled by the Japanese sword craftsman, who is expert in making the genuine Japanese sword, Shinken. The blade is available up to 2.45 shaku. Weight without Saya is approximately 820 gram(for 2.45 shaku). Proudly made in Japan.


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