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Hand-Stitched Kendo Bogu Set "KORIN" Hand-Stitched Kendo Bogu Set "KOETSU" Hand-Stitched Kendo Bogu Set "SOUSHO" Hand-Stitched Kendo Bogu Set "SAMURAI"
2.0 Bu Orizshi Hand-Stitched "SOUGEN" Bogu Set Tozando Custom-made Hand-stitched Kendo Bogu Set Tokuren® Original - Hand-Stitched Jissengata Bogu Set Machine-Stitched Kendo Bogu Set "SAMURAI"
Tokuren® Alpha - Custom Jissengata Bogu Set 'IBB BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Fit-stitched Bogu Tozando Custom-made Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set Deluxe 3 mm Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set
Yoroigata Kendo Bogu Set "TONBO" Deluxe 5 mm Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu Set Tokuren® Sigma - Ultra Light Jissengata Kendo Bogu Set
Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Men
Our Price: ¥34,900
Deluxe Tornado-stitch Kendo Kote 'BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Kote "Dry Mesh" Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Tare 'BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Kote
Deluxe Tornado-stitch® Kendo Kote
Our Price: ¥39,800
Sale Price: ¥29,800
Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Tare
Our Price: ¥24,900
Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Kote
Our Price: ¥23,900
WAKON TOMOE Jissengata Made-to-order Kote Orizashi Tornado-stitch Kendo Kote Deluxe Machine-Stitched Kote MOKKEI "Yume" - Limited Edition Deluxe Machine-Stitched Kote MOKKEI
Orizashi Tornado-stitch® Kendo Kote
Our Price: ¥29,800
Sale Price: ¥22,500
Washable Clarino Machine-Stitched Kote Deluxe 4 mm Pitch-Nagazashi Machine-Stitched Kote Deluxe Orizashi Machine-Stitched Kote Washable Orizashi Machine-Stitched Kote
Deluxe Orizashi Machine-Stitched Kote
Clearance Price: ¥15,900
5 mm 'TORAY Sillead' Machine-Stitched Kote 5 mm Fit-Stitched Orizashi Kote Tozando Kendo Bogu Backpack Replacement Palm For Palm-Detachable Kote
Tozando Kendo Clarino Zekken (Tare name bag) Bioclean Men Himo (8 shaku) Bioclean Men Himo (7 shaku) Bioclean Do Himo
Kendo Zekken (Clarino)
Our Price: ¥3,500
Bioclean Do Himo
Our Price: ¥2,000
Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken (Tare Name Bag) Tozando Kendo Zekken Print-on (Tare name bag)
Kendo Zekken (embroidery)
Our Price: ¥2,000
Kendo Zekken (heat press)
Our Price: ¥1,500

Protect Yourself with style using Top-of-the-Line Bogu Equipment

Whether you are a novice practitioner of Kendo or a top-ranking Kendoka, adequate bogu equipment is necessary for your protection. Your bogu gear is a collection of protective equipments consisting of Kote, Men, Do, and Tare, that absorbs the impact that occurs when hit by a Shinai. Because of this, practitioners are able to make contact with their weapons for during practice and competitions for more realistic training. Modern bogu sets are designed for enhanced flexibility to allow freedom of movement.

The main piece that protects the body is called the Do, or chest protector. Apart from this there is the Men that protects your head and face, the Kote which protects your hands and wrists and the Tare, which protects the waist and legs. Within all pieces is a layer of quilted padding known as the Futon. This part used to be very hard and rigid. The belief was that a stiff, hard surface would best protect against shinai strikes. However, modern knowledge shows us that Futons made for maneuverability and flexibility are actually better at decreasing impact.

Our Kendo equipment reflects the highest standards of Japanese craftsmanship. We use top materials from Japan and employ only high-quality stitching techniques, ensuring that our Bogu sets offer protection and display an aesthetic appeal.