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'IBB BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Fit-stitched Bogu 'BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Kote "Dry Mesh"
Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Men
Our Price: 34,900.00
Bioclean 5mm Dry Mesh Kote "Wakon"
Our Price: 28,900.00

Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Tare 'BioCLEAN' - Ultimate Hygenic Kote Bioclean Men Himo (8 shaku)
Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Tare
Our Price: 24,900.00
Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Kote
Our Price: 24,800.00
Bioclean Men Himo (8 shaku)
Our Price: 3,000.00
Bioclean Men Himo (7 shaku) Bioclean Do Himo Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu
Bioclean Men Himo (7 shaku)
Our Price: 2,800.00
Bioclean Do Himo
Our Price: 2,000.00
Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu
Our Price: 1,000.00


Combat Odor with Antibacterial Kendo Equipment

Skill in any martial art is obtained through sweat and hard work. For Kendo practitioners, the result of their training is sweat seeping into their bogu. The material absorbs the sweat and eventually leads to an unpleasant odor caused by bacteria. Even with frequent washing, bacterial growth can result in persistent odors that reduce the life of your sportswear and your joy of the sport, but our antibacterial kendo equipment give you the opportunity to train in comfort.

Tozando's BioCLEAN treatment is the perfect solution to keep your gear clean and odor free. The innovative BioCLEAN treatment is antibacterial, and our new IBB BioCLEAN Mengane offers an antibacterial coating to protect your Men from an accumulation of bacteria and grime. We offer BioCLEAN Kendo training equipment in complete sets and individual pieces, such as Men, Kote, and Tare, with this BioCLEAN treatment.