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Tozando supplies a range of supporters and protectors so that you can carry out your kendo keiko practice in safety and comfort. Supporters primarily aid in preventing injury and reducing fatigue, and our elbow and knee supporters are particularly popular.
These items have been developed specifically for kendo and are the most effective, taking into account the unique movements performed in kendo.
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Kendo Eye Guard for Adults Chin Sweat Absorbent Padding Chin Padding for Men Size Adjusting
Kendo Eye Guard for Adults
Our Price: $9.10

Chin Sweat Absorbent Pad
Our Price: $11.45

Top-Head Padding for Men Size Adjusting Knee Protector Super Impact Absorbent Elbow Protector
Knee Protector
Our Price: $35.94

Super Impact Absorbent Wrist Protector Super Impact Absorbent Heel Protector Wrist Protector  Under KOTE  'TEKKO'
TEKKO Under Kote Wrist Protector
Our Price: $20.58

YAMAYA Under-Kote Protector Neck and Collar Bone Protector Top-Head Padding for Men Size Adjusting
YAMAYA Under-Kote Protector
Our Price: $12.47

Achilles Tendon Protector Calf Protector Budo Tabi with Leather Sole
YAMAYA Calf Protector
Our Price: $18.70
Budo Tabi with Leather Sole
Our Price: $49.00

Budo Premium Eyeglass Frame 'TENMU' Cotton Budo Half Tabi With Clarino Sole YAMAYA Deluxe Heel Protector
YAMAYA Heel Protector Toe Protector for Kendo Deluxe Elbow Protector
YAMAYA Neo Guard Heel Protector
Our Price: $22.75

Sponge Heel Protector Extra thick Sponge Heel Protector With Velcro Fastener Sponge Heel Protector
Sponge Heel Protector
Our Price: $19.70

Toe Protector Leather sole Toe Protector Canvas Sole Under-Kote Protector
Toe Protector Leather Sole
Our Price: $24.46

Toe Protector Canvas Sole
Our Price: $24.46

Under-Kote Protector
Our Price: $19.99


Buy genuine kendo protectors and guards from Japan with Tozando.

Wrist, elbow, heel, toe, neck, eye, leg, knee, back supporters and more. We ship worldwide!