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I want to buy a basic iaido. What is the shipping method and wait time for shipping to France?
Shipping to France is $30 USD, and delivery usually takes 5 to 7 days.
What are the additional fees and wait time for Ukraine orders?
Shipping to Ukraine takes 7 to 10 days, and additional fees include customs duty and/or import taxes.
How do I maintain Iaito sword ?
After each use, clean the blade surface with a soft cloth or a tissue paper by removing dusts, fingerprints and any marks. Wipe the blade upward, one way, starting from the base to avoid any injury.
I am goint to pay by wire transfer. However the total price has increased compared to the day I got my invoice. Should I pay more?
No, you can still stck to the amount appeared on the invoice. Since the currency rate is revised on a daily basis, the total price in JPY could be slightly different from the time you were issued an i
What is the difference between a synthetic Do base as Yamato and a bamboo Do base?
The Do base is the solid part of the Do, designed to protect the body from the Shinai strikes. The synthetic Do base is stronger and lighter than its bamboo counterpart; however, it is generally n
I was supposed to receive my package via UPS. I missed delivery a few times, but now they've stopped coming to my home.
If UPS has been unable to deliver your parcel on several occasions, standard policy requires that they await further instructions before attempting another delivery to you. You need to contact UPS in
How long UPS and EMS take to deliver?
UPS normally takes 2-4 business days from Japan to your place. And EMS takes 4-7 business days. Although there is a chance a delay is caused by customs office's inspection.
What languages does your contact system allow?
Our contact system only supports English at this time.
How accurate are your international currency conversion prices?
Regarding your question, prices listed in foreign currencies on our website are just for reference. Hence the note "for guidance only" under the list where you can change currencies. That said, we upd
How should I wash my dyed hakama?
We always recommend our customers to wash their hakama by hand, as washing in the washing machine causes damage and excessive shrinkage to the fabric. The proper hand-washing technique for Hakama woul
I am having trouble placing an order on your site.
We are sorry to hear about your problem. If you are using some kind of ad-blocking software or alike, sometimes these kinds of software can interrupt the webpage and the customer will experience simil
I was charged extra by UPS when I received my order. What happened?
We believe that this fee that you had to pay was handling fee's that UPS charges for taking care of the customs for the customers. This is called "brokerage fee", and this has to be done sometimes wh
I tried to place an order, but my credit card was declined.
In this kind of situation, we usually advise customers to contact their credit card company or bank. This is since most of the time credit card companies have security measures to prevent unusual a