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Can I pay in cash?
You can make payment for your order in Cash, in the currency of your choosing. Simply send it to us by recorded mail to the address below. However, this is done at your own risk and we are NOT respons
I accidentally closed the window during the ordering process, and sent my payment separately. Can I confirm you received my payment for the order?
Yes, we can confirm whether or not your order was successfully received.
I am goint to pay by wire transfer. However the total price has increased compared to the day I got my invoice. Should I pay more?
No, you can still stck to the amount appeared on the invoice. Since the currency rate is revised on a daily basis, the total price in JPY could be slightly different from the time you were issued an i
My order has been sitting at processing since a while now. Is it in progress or is there an issue?
Our order system doesn't have many status. It is limited to "Awaiting Payment", "Pending", Processing" and "Shipped". Processing simply means that your order is being taken care of.
Can I pay by Western Union?
Western Union no longer have a collection branch in Kyoto, and the minimum withdrawal limit in Japan is 800,000 JPY. Therefore we are unable to accept payment by Western Union.
I'd like to pay via wire transfer. Are there any restrictions?
We can only accept wire transfer as a means of payment if the total value of your order is over 50,000JPY.
What is required to use the financing plan?
Regarding the Financing plan, anyone can use this option when placing an order at Tozando. However, it can only be used on orders for Bogu, Iaito or Yoroi and cannot be used on orders for products
I tried to place an order, but my credit card was declined.
In this kind of situation, we usually advise customers to contact their credit card company or bank. This is since most of the time credit card companies have security measures to prevent unusual a
When will my order ship?
Soon after placing your order, an Estimated Shipping Date will be assigned and displayed in the order details, this usually takes around 24 hours, as we have to check our stock levels. Please note, th