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My country is not listed in the shipping option.
That is no problem, we can still process an order for you, however, you will need to place your order by email. Simply email us, using the form below including the details of the product you would lik
I would like a bokken engraved with my name. How can I order?
We provide engraving option for bokken. It is charged 150 JPN per syllable and two colors of balck and red available. If you leave order comments when filling in the order form, we will revise your in
Are there shipping options besides DHL for Brazil?
We can ship via EMS, but the free shipping offer does not apply to customer-requested carriers.
How do I opt for in-store pickup when purchasing an item?
At checkout, enter an address, click "show shipping options," and in-store pickup should be selectable.
What is required to use the financing plan?
Regarding the Financing plan, anyone can use this option when placing an order at Tozando. However, it can only be used on orders for Bogu, Iaito or Yoroi and cannot be used on orders for products
I tried to place an order, but my credit card was declined.
In this kind of situation, we usually advise customers to contact their credit card company or bank. This is since most of the time credit card companies have security measures to prevent unusual a
Does your iaito have bo-hi?
Yes. All of our iaito on the website has bo-hi. Howevere no bo-hi option is also available for limited models.
I am looking for an hakama whose bottom hem have same lenght front and back.
We provide tailoring option for many of items. You can simply leave order comments of how you like to adjust. One of our sales representative will get back to you with quotation.
Is it possible to request custom fitted Fuchi/Kashira for my Iaito?
Regarding Silver/Copper colored Fuchi/Kashira and Menuki, itís possible to make these kind of fittings for your Custom-made Iaito, however, it will cost an extra 5000JPY. If you are interested in s