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I would like to order embroidery but what is Katakana or Kanji? And how can I translate?
Katakana is one of Japanese alphabets mainly used to describe foreign words, such as computer. You can refer to the following website to see the katakana image of your name http://www.japanese-name-tr
Why does Saki-ire embroidery take a few weeks?
Each product with the Saki-ire embroidery is made to order and the production takes approximately two to three weeks.
I want embroidery on the obi belt in a way stitch does not appear on the reverse side. How can I order?
In normal embroidery, thread appears both front and back. However in "Sakiire" method, a thread does not strike through to the reverse side of Obi, therefore no stitches are shown on the reverse. Plea
I am looking for an hakama whose bottom hem have same lenght front and back.
We provide tailoring option for many of items. You can simply leave order comments of how you like to adjust. One of our sales representative will get back to you with quotation.
Is it possible to embroider on Pants other than Hakama?
Yes. Embroidery on pants is available. Please refer to this webpage.
How long UPS and EMS take to deliver?
UPS normally takes 2-4 business days from Japan to your place. And EMS takes 4-7 business days. Although there is a chance a delay is caused by customs office's inspection.
Do you provide custom embroidery on Aikido hakama?
Yes, custom embroidery is available upon request.
Can you provide further product details such as measurements prior to ordering?
Yes, please contact us if you need more information on an item that isn't listed.
How can I track the shipment of my order with EMS?
We will provide you with a tracking number. It may take EMS up to 12 hours to place your tracking number in their system.
I sent an email but didn't receive a response.
Due to security reasons, we can not reply to e-mails from e-mail addresses that are not the registered e-mail address of the account user. If you have problems with your old address, please change the
I like to order embroidery but I don't know how to describe my name to Katakana.
Please refer to the following website to see the katakana image of your name; Unless you can request us to convert it by leaving an order message in the order
My shinai order is still processing. Can I check on the status and add additional items if it has not yet shipped?
Yes, we can provide order status upon request and add additional items to orders that are still processing.
Can I purchase an additional item after placing an order?
If you would like to make an additional purchase after placing an order, contact us and we will send an invoice for the item(s).
What languages does your contact system allow?
Our contact system only supports English at this time.
I haven't received the item I ordered. Are there special shipping restrictions for Russia?
The reason why your parcel was not delivered is because you did not or could not provide the Russian customs with the necessary documents. To import an Iaito to Russia, you need to receive an authoriz
I can't seem to access your website.
We can't tell you for sure what's the reason why you can't access our website but the first thing we advise you to do is to clear your cache and cookies from your Internet browser. Another reason c
Can you translate my name into Kanji?
Our staff are also able to translate your name into Japanese Kanji, this is generally done by selecting Kanji which use the same phonetic sound (Ateji). However, if you wanted to use a particualr set
How do I maintain Iaito sword ?
After each use, clean the blade surface with a soft cloth or a tissue paper by removing dusts, fingerprints and any marks. Wipe the blade upward, one way, starting from the base to avoid any injury.
How is Yoroi Kote different from normal Kote?
Yoroi Kote is softer and flexible compared to ordinary Kote which make them more suitable when you use straight after the purchase.
My order has been sitting at processing since a while now. Is it in progress or is there an issue?
Our order system doesn't have many status. It is limited to "Awaiting Payment", "Pending", Processing" and "Shipped". Processing simply means that your order is being taken care of.