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My country is not listed in the shipping option.
That is no problem, we can still process an order for you, however, you will need to place your order by email. Simply email us, using the form below including the details of the product you would lik
Do I need a license to import Iaito sword to my country?
Because the Iaito sword is declared as an imtiation sword, no license is needed in many countries. However, the UK customer need to obtain the certificate from BKA due to the UK's law.
How much is the shipping?
You can instantly calculate the price of shipping to your country by simply placing an item in your shopping cart!
Will I be responsible for any customs fees or import taxes?
Regarding the customs fee or import taxes, these depend on the laws of the country you reside in. As we are a company based in Japan, we not know the specifics of the import laws or tax rates in other
I was supposed to receive my package via UPS. I missed delivery a few times, but now they've stopped coming to my home.
If UPS has been unable to deliver your parcel on several occasions, standard policy requires that they await further instructions before attempting another delivery to you. You need to contact UPS in
Is there anything you can do to help lower the high customs import taxes?
We understand your request as many of our customers are complaining about the high import taxes charged by the customs in their country. We have no official policy regarding this matter as it would be
I was charged extra by UPS when I received my order. What happened?
We believe that this fee that you had to pay was handling fee's that UPS charges for taking care of the customs for the customers. This is called "brokerage fee", and this has to be done sometimes wh