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Can I request to change some features of original iaito?
Yes, we accept modificatios of iaito. Fisrt please inquire us about availability for that model. And when ordering you can leave order comments to notify us of the modifications.
What is the return policy?
Please inform us prior to returning any merchandise for the return authorization. Any used item cannot be returned and/or exchanged. Any customized orders as follows cannot be returned and/or exchange
What if I need to return something?
If you need to return something to us we will need to know the reason why. If you are sent the wrong item or a product is deemed to be defective we will cover the cost of the return shipping and the s
I sent an email but didn't receive a response.
Due to security reasons, we can not reply to e-mails from e-mail addresses that are not the registered e-mail address of the account user. If you have problems with your old address, please change the
How accurate are your international currency conversion prices?
Regarding your question, prices listed in foreign currencies on our website are just for reference. Hence the note "for guidance only" under the list where you can change currencies. That said, we upd
How should I wash my dyed hakama?
We always recommend our customers to wash their hakama by hand, as washing in the washing machine causes damage and excessive shrinkage to the fabric. The proper hand-washing technique for Hakama woul