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I would like a bokken engraved with my name. How can I order?
We provide engraving option for bokken. It is charged 150 JPN per syllable and two colors of balck and red available. If you leave order comments when filling in the order form, we will revise your in
How do I maintain Bokken?
Wipe the surface of Bokken with a dry and soft cloth after each use. Once in a few month, you may apply a very small amount of such natural oil as camellia oil, walnut oil, or even vegetable oil, and
My bokken split on the edge. Is there any way I can repair?
First of all we recommend to keep a bokken in the cool and not severly dry or damp place. And if it is a slight split, you can just sandpaper the edge until the surface becomes smooth. However it won'
Are your bokken finished with lacquer?
Bokken are finished with lacquer, but we can make custom bokken without lacquer at an additional charge.
What is the finish on the Bokken and Jo in your White Oak Aikido Package?
The Bokken and Jo are varnished.
Which bokken do you recommend for contact training?
If you intend to use the bokken for contact training, I would recommend that you get the “Sunuke Bokken Deluxe Long”, since it is a high quality bokken. It's a bit heavier that your standard Bokken, b
What is the return policy?
Please inform us prior to returning any merchandise for the return authorization. Any used item cannot be returned and/or exchanged. Any customized orders as follows cannot be returned and/or exchange
Are all the products on your site eligible for free shipping?
In answer to your question, free shipping only applies to Bogu sets, Bokken, and Iaito as well as some campaign/outlet sales products. When we say "free shipping" it means free shipping for you but in