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About the kendo bogu set, why is the men’s size is only Around-the-chin? What about Around the forehead and height of eyeline?
We only ask for one measurement because this set is made using standard dimension in mind, we found that having only Around--the-chin size suit most people very well. If you are afraid of size mistak
An Item Is Missing From My Shipment.
Click the " My Account / Order Status " link at the top right hand side of our site to track your order status. Be sure that all of the items in your order have shipped already. If you order displays
An item is missing from my shipment.
Click the "My Account / Order Status" link at the top right hand side of our site to track your order status. Be sure that all of the items in your order have shipped already. If you order displays yo
Are all himo and chichikawa are included in the bogu set?
Men and Do himo, a Tenugui, and Chichikawa are all included in our Bogu Sets as standard.
Are all the products on your site eligible for free shipping?
Free shipping only applies to Bogu Sets, Bokken, and Iaito - as well as some campaign/outlet sales products. Free shipping items have their shipping costs paid for by Tozando. When you make an order t
Are all the swords blunt?
There is two varieties of swords : 1) Shinken 2) Iaito Shinken are authentic Japanese Katana and are sharp. Iaito are made for pr
Are bokken included in your partnership program discounted items?
At the moment, Bokken are not included in our partnership program, but we are working on bringing forth a suitable solution for our partners and we will announce it when we can. At the moment, we have
Are there many more iaito and iaido material at the store in Kyoto than in Tokyo?
We have far more iaito on display in our Kyoto shops than in Tokyo.
Are you able to ship to Kazakhstan or Russia?
we ship to Kazhakstan and the Russian Federation via EMS. Other carriers are available, but only to non-residential addresses. We cannot ship Iaito to Kazhakstan or the Russian Federation at this time
Are your bokken finished with lacquer?
Our bokken is finished with lacquer. If you would like your bokken order without lacquering, please specify so when ordering. No additional cost is required for unlacquering option.
Are your bokken finished with lacquer?
All of our Bokken are finished with an urethane lacquer, but other finishes are available on request. Please bear in mind these requests will alter the delivery time and cost of the product.
Are your prices accurate? I noticed a difference in your listed prices after checking currency conversion rates.
Prices listed in foreign currencies on our website are just for reference. Hence the note "for guidance only" under the list where you can change currencies. We update our currency rates every day to
Can I choose any uniform for Iaido practice?
For iaido, clothing is more than just a unifrom, it helps define your performance and a good set will help enhance your movements. How your clothing fits you and how it feels has a significant effect
Can I choose my embroidery color?
Yes, we have a silver color option that costs 500 yen extra.
Can I choose the shipping carrier?
It is possible for you to select your desired shipping carrier, but the cost could potentially be higher.
Can I cut something with Iaito?
Although the blade is made of special reinforced alloy, it is not designed for the cutting purpose. Therefore, do not attempt to cut with Iaito.
Can I exchange an item for a larger size if it doesn't fit?
We could refund or exchange if you didn't damage/ didn't wash / didn't embroider/ didn't order any custom options. Additionally, return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.
Can I get a longer iaito?
We can extend the length of your iaito, at an additional fee.
Can I order a bogu set smaller than my suggested height?
Ordering an item smaller than the suggested size for your height will likely result in a lack of protection and mobility.
Can I order an item in a color not listed in the options on your site?
Unfortunately, if a color is not listed as an option on the product page, we are unable to fulfill that request.