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Standard Furnished Shinai (Junior) Tozando Original Hello Kitty Standard Furnished Shinai Nishijin Custom Brocade Shinai Bag
Comes with all leather fittings. This model is prefered among a beginner, an intermediate practitioner for the combination of the good quality and the reasonable price.
Furnished(Tsuka Grip Leather,Shinai Tip ,Deluxe Shinai Tip Leather, Nakayu Brace Leather,Shinai String are included). Tsuba and Tsubadome are sold separately.
These Shinai are officially approved Hello Kitty products, made by Tozando!
The Shinai are fitted with standard Shinai fittings, and comes with a unique Hello Kitty laser engraving.

The sizes are available from 28~30 (for children to High School students) and comes with leather fittings.
Please note that no Tsuba or Tsuba-dome is included with the Shinai by default.
The fabrics used to make these bags are completely hand-woven here in Nishijin, Kyoto, by one of the areas most renowned fabric suppliers, and are usually used for the production of traditional Kimono.

Approximate measurements: 145 x 16.5cm (3x size 39 Shinai + accessories)

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proudly made in Japan.