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Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu 4mm Fit-stitched Jissengata Kendo Bogu Set "Tokuren® Φ (Phi)"
Name Embroidery on Kendo Bogu
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This is for Embroidery on a Kendo Bogu set, Men, Kote or Tare. You can personalize your Bogu even further by adding a embroidery to it with your name!
On a complete Bogu set, the embroidery is traditionally placed on the inside of the Mendare of the Men, on the outside of the Kote and on the inside of the Tare.
We can also embroider your text on different pieces of materials, usually the most common being Indigo-dyed cotton Canvas, the same material the Futon of your Bogu is made of. But we can also use navy or brown artificial leather, or genuine deerskin if you prefer a more luxurious look or want your embroidery to stand out more.

Just a piece of advice though, keep it short, as a long name does not look very aesthetically pleasing, especially on the Kote, since it is really eye catching. So we recommend that you pick either your first or last name or perhaps your initials for the Bogu embroidery!
This Bogu is made using the 'Fit-stitch' stitching method, the result of years of research and experience and a method which totally changed the Kendo Bogu as we knew it. Not only does it provide great durability and protection against impact, it is also very soft and supple, forming after your body, providing a perfect fit. Comfort, without sacrificing protection, is the essence of this Fit-stitched 5mm Kendo Bogu Set for Juniors.

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IBB SAFETY GUARD is a removable throat protector that follows your every single head movement. The ISG (IBB Safety Guard) will protect your throat from shock to the thyroid cartilage and injury to the carotid artery, when receiving even the most severe Tsuki. Since you donít have to be afraid of the sword tip, you can charge in and aim for the Men with high precision.

IBB Safety Guard TOKUREN model

It is well known that Kendo is a popular activity among Police officers in Japan. In many prefectures there are specialist Kendo teams, known as the Tokuren, who are designated at the Police force's 'specialist' Kendoka. These officers, often become the best players in Japan, achieving victory in the All Japans and the World Championships.

The Tozando Group have supplied many of Japan's Tokuren players with equipment over the years, and based on the custom specifications that they select, we are now able to offer the ultimate in Jissengata Bogu. This Bogu is made here in Japan, at our headquarters in Nishijin, Kyoto, by our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen. This set is lightweight and strong, whilst at the same time remaining understated and stylish. It also includes the revolutionary IBB Safety Guard attachment by default that protects your throat against Tsuki.

As this Bogu set is made by us, and not sourced from a supplier, it is exclusively available on Tozando and can not be found elsewhere.

*Includes all Himo (strings), Chichikawa, and a Tenugui

please note: larger or smaller than standard sizes may require additional cost and production time.
The ideal set for all Kendo beginners at any age, by Tozando!
TOZANDO Complete Kendo Beginners Set
List Price: $770.95
Our Price: $634.55
You save $136.40!

The Tozando "SAMURAI Jr." is a superior Jissen-gata Bogu set especially adapted to junior Kendo practitioners. While the adult version is reinforced with Neo-leather, the junior version is reinforced with cotton fabric in order to keep the bogu has light as possible to allow fluid and seamless movements. The "SAMURAI Jr." Bogu set is thus flexible and functional to the maximum degree. The ultimate in functional beauty, we are proud to produce this Bogu which deserves the noble name of "Samurai".
This is the ideal set for all Kendo beginners at any age!
The Bogu is made in Orizashi with the 'Fit-stitch' stitching method, not only does it provide great durability and protection against impact, it is also very soft and supple, forming after your body to provide a perfect fit.

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