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The Legend Series: The Ogre's Knife - Kijinmaru Kunishige Deluxe The Legend Series: Kato Kiyomasa's Ultimate Dotanuki Masakuni 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Satsuma Koshirae Extra Long The Legend Series: Oda Nobunaga's Kunishige Koshirae
The Legend Series: Tsukahara Bokuden Rai Kunitoshi Koshirae The Legend Series:Yagyu Jubei's Miike Tenta The Legend Series: Minamoto Kiyomaro Super Heavy Unokubi Koshirae The Legend Series:Hattori Hanzo's Ko Bizen Kanehira
Legend - Yagyu Jubei's Miike Tenta
Our Price: ¥149,000.00
The Legend Series: Minamoto Kiyomaro Super Heavy Unokubi Wakizashi Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Hon Jidai Koshirae The Legend Series: Horikawa Kunihiro Double Blades Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Koshirae Daisho Set + Free Sword Rack
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Shinto Higo Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Dotanuki Extra Heavy The Legend Series: Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Kanemoto Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Edo Higo Koshirae
The Legend Series : Akechi Mitsuhide's Akechi Koshirae The Legend Series: Hijikata Toshizo's Kanesada Koshirae The Legend Series: The Ogre's Knife - Kijinmaru Kunishige Tozando Custom-made Iaito
Tozando Custom-made Iaito
Starts from: ¥88,900.00

'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Toppei Koshirae The Legend Series: Tokugawa Shogun Yoshimune Koshirae The Legend Series: Katsu Kaishu's Tadayoshi Koshirae The Legend Series: Tokugawa Ieyasu's Sohayano Tsurugi
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Toppei Koshirae
Starts from: ¥87,500.00

'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Yagyu Koshirae The Legend Series: Maeda Keiji's Sekino Magoroku Koshirae 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Koto Higo Koshirae The Legend Series: Uesugi Kenshin's Himetsuru Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Double Grooves Iaito 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Tengu Koshirae The Legend Series: Chosokabe Masachika's Yoshimitsu Koshirae The Legend Series: Sanada Yukimura's Muramasa Koshirae
'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Jidai Koshirae Daisho Set 'Minosaka' Brand - Custom Higo Zogan Koshirae Tozando Byakko - Ishime Higo Koshirae Iaito The Legend Series: Rowdy Shogun Koshirae
Legend - Rowdy Shogun Koshirae
Our Price: ¥69,900.00
Tozando SUZAKU Custom-made Iaito Tozando Seiryu - Yaguruma Koshirae Iaito Tozando Seiryu - Yagyu Koshirae Iaito Tozando Seiryu - Bonji Koshirae Iaito
Tozando SUZAKU Custom Iaito
Our Price: ¥76,800.00
October SALE ¥69,800.00
Seiryu - Yaguruma Koshirae
Starts from: ¥69,500.00
Seiryu - Yagyu Koshirae
Our Price: ¥69,500.00

Seiryu - Bonji Koshirae
Our Price: ¥69,500.00