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Typically, an iaido uniform is made up of a gi jacket, hakama and obi belt. A haori can also be draped over the jacket. It is ideal to have a gi and hakama made from the same material for a neat appearance.
On top of that, you can make a deep impression with your presence by wearing a haori of the same material, so be sure to choose a haori made from the same material as your gi and hakama when making your selection.
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Tozando Super Polyester Iaido Haori Tozando Cubic Sensor Stretch Iaido Haori Tozando Uchimizu "FURYU" Iaido Haori
TOZANDO Uchimizu FURYU Iaido Haori
List Price: $290.00
Our Price: $232.00


Made in our Kyoto workshop, buy your genuine hand-crafted iaido haori from Tozando.

Get your iaido gear tailor made and custom order, we ship worldwide.