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I would like to visit your store. How do I get there?

Tozando currently has a total of four branch stores, three in Kyoto and one in Tokyo. In Kyoto, the Nishijin Store, Shogoin Store and Kyoto Budogu Store, and in Tokyo the Tokyo Showroom.

Please see the detailed description for each of them on the Tozando Physical Stores Page

Thank you for contacting Tozando!
Thank you very much for contacting Tozando.
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How do I contact you?
  You can call us on using the following phone number: +81-7-5384-1768
We will have a English speaking representative on standby, Monday to Saturday 9.00-18.00 JST, on all business days.

You can also send us an E-mail using our contact form for customer support. We will normally reply within 3 business days from receiving your inquiry.