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A "reconditioned product", sometimes also referred to as "refurbished product", is a product that has been returned to us and which we have cleaned (if necessary), quality checked and restored to like-new condition. There are several reasons why a product might be returned:

- The parcel was sent to the customer but in the end he or she refused to accept the delivery for some reason (once the parcel is sent, the item can no longer be sold as new).
- The item was purchased by a customer who then returned it, either because it was the wrong product or for whatever reason the customer decided he or she did not want it. Such an item may have been used for a short period of time, or it may not have been used at all.
- The product had a minor defect. In this case, Tozando (or our partners) cleans the product, performs a thorough inspection, makes any necessary repairs, ensures that it meets all original specifications, and deems it in like-new condition. "Like-new condition" means that the item may contain cosmetic blemishes (scratches, natural defects) but is otherwise in perfect working order.
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OUTLET - 1.2bu Hand-stitched Deerskin "KOETSU" Men, Kote & Tare Set Antique 1.27Shaku Nagamaki Naoshi Wakizashi - Akihiro Antique 1.29Shaku Engraved Wakizashi - Mumei
CLEARANCE - Antique 1.29Shaku Engraved Wakizashi - Mumei
Our Price: $6,363.65
Sale Price: $3,181.85
CLEARANCE - Antique Koto 1.48Shaku Wakizashi - Mumei CLEARANCE - Antique 1.50Shaku Wakizashi - Bushu Shimohara-ju Hiroshige CLEARANCE - Antique Su-yari Spear - Kawachi no Kami Monju Kanesada
CLEARANCE - Antique Koto 1.48Shaku Wakizashi - Mumei
Our Price: $6,818.20
Sale Price: $3,454.55