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A product sold under the label "Cancelled Order" is usually a made-to-order product that was never sent to the customer because he or she cancelled his/her order before it was complete. This means that the product has never been used and is in brand new condition. That is certainly the cheapest way to get a new product!

Please note that since "Cancelled Order" products were made to order, some of them may contain embroideries (Hakama,Gi, Bogu) or laser engraving (Bokken, Iaito) which cannot be removed in most cases. All purchases are final. No return will be accepted.
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The Legend Series: Kato Kiyomasa's Ultimate Dotanuki Masakuni Shinsakuto Sword Katana - Akamatsu Taro Kanemitsu 2.50 Shaku Antique Sword Katana - Bizen Osafune Norimitsu Antique Sword Katana - Mumei(Naminohira) with NBTHK Certificate
OUTLET! 2.20Shaku Legend - Kato Kiyomasa's Ultimate Dotanuki Masakuni
List Price: ¥212,500.00
Our Price: ¥165,000.00
CLEARANCE - Antique Sword Katana - Bizen Osafune Norimitsu
List Price: ¥1,190,000.00
Our Price: ¥698,000.00
Antique Sword Katana Handachi - Mumei(Yoshihide) with NBTHK Certificate