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This section feature Gi products that are not made by Tozando.
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Super Deluxe Hand-Stitched Kendo Gi Mizuno® IJF Model Blue Judo Gi Set "Yusho" Japan Mizuno® IJF Model Judo Gi Set "Yusho" Japan Persimmon-Dyed Cotton Kendo Gi & Hakama Set
Mizuno® IJF Model Judo Gi Set "Yusho" "Gold Zen Gihousaku" Ultimate Shoaizome Soft Kendo Gi Criss-Cross Stitched Kendo Gi Persimmon-Dyed Cotton Kendo Gi
'AOI' - Super Deluxe Double Layered Kendo Gi 'KUH' - Ultimate Shoaizome Single-Layered Mikawa Kendo Gi Deluxe Double-Layered White Cotton Kendo Gi Deluxe Double-Layered Unbleached Kendo Gi
Mikawa Cotton Easy Kendo Gi "KIRARI" Natural Herb-Dyed Cotton Kendo Gi Deluxe Shoaizome Mikawa Cotton Kendo Gi White Edo Zashi Kendo Gi
White Edo Zashi Kendo Gi
Our Price: ¥9,900
Double-Layered Judo Gi/ Pants/ White Obi Set Navy Edo Zashi Kendo Gi 'BREEZE-KNIT' Summer Kendogi TechClean Kendo Jacket AZ
Navy Edo Zashi Kendo Gi
Our Price: ¥7,900
TechClean Kendo Jacket AZ
Our Price: ¥5,900
Unbleached Cotton Kendo Gi Bodymaker Judo Gi/Pants/Obi Set Naginata Gi Cotton Kyudo Gi Top
Unbleached Cotton Kendo Gi
Our Price: ¥5,800
Naginata Gi
Our Price: ¥4,400
Cotton Kyudo Gi Top
Our Price: ¥3,800
Kendo Shitagi (Under Gi) Musashi-Zashi Kendo Gi Unbleached Musashi-Zashi Kendo Gi Dark Navy Name Embroidery on Left Sleeve
Kendo Shitagi (Under Gi)
Our Price: ¥3,400
Name Embroidery on Left Chest Name Embroidery on Border Tail Free Name Embroidery on Pants

Gi Jackets for Martial Arts Practitioners

Tozando’s Judo gi jackets and Kendo gi jackets include hand-stitched, cross-stitched, layered and indigo dyed varieties. Our uniform essentials are available as single units or as uniforms when combined with a pair of pants. These gi jackets can be personalized with embroidery on the chest, sleeve, border or accompanying pants.

While gi jackets are common to all Japanese martial arts, jacket styles specific to various styles of martial arts - including Kendo, Iaido, Aikido, Judo, Karate and Kyudo - are available. A quality gi is as much a source of pride as the belt that secures it. For competition or training, the serious martial artist must be outfitted in quality wear.