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Grand Five Shrines Kamidana Large Grand Five Shrines Kamidana Medium Grand Five Shrines Kamidana Small
Grand Three Shrines Kamidana Large Grand Three Shrines Kamidana Medium Grand Three Shrines Kamidana Small
Deluxe Single Shrine Kamidana Large Deluxe Single Shrine Kamidana Medium Standard Shrine Kamidana Large
Lantern Sanpo Large Sanpo Medium
Our Price: $35.50
Sanpo Large
Our Price: $32.75
Sanpo Medium
Our Price: $28.65
Standard Shrine Kamidana Medium Basic Shrine Kamidana
Standard Shrine Kamidana Medium
Our Price: $27.30

Basic Shrine Kamidana
Our Price: $23.65

Sanpo Small Porcelain Dishes and Vases Set Kagaribi Stand
Sanpo Small
Our Price: $23.65
Porcelain Dishes and Vases Set
Our Price: $22.75

Kagaribi Stand
Our Price: $13.10

Candle Stands Artificial Sakaki Leaves
Candle Stands
Our Price: $8.65

Kamidana, Japanese Porcelain, Taiko Drums & Other Dojo Furnishings

Tozando’s dojo furnishings are made to suite not just the aesthetic needs of your dojo, but its spiritual needs as well. We a variety of taiko drums, Japanese porcelain dish sets, elegant kamidana and more.

Kamidana shrines can be used to add tranquility or represent peace in a dojo or training facility. Single, three or five-shrine models are available in large, medium and small sizes, and are handmade from Japanese Hinoki wood.

Handcrafted Japanese taiko drums are manufactured by a company located in Kyoto that has been operating for over a hundred years. These drums are authentic and can be played for ceremonies and services, or just added for decoration. Together with our wide selection of kagaribi stands, mirrors, lanterns & candle stands, you are sure to find the elements you need to complete your dojo’s ambience.

*Most of Dojo Furnishings are order made; products are usually shipped in 1 to 2 weeks.